Wildlife update on Goodenbergh.

Well after a very busy 3 months on the site and down at the hide, its all gone very quiet around the site. All the different species of bird have had their young and are learning howto survive. I have recorded the following birds with young.

Tree Sparrow.  Lesser Redpoll. Greenfinch. Goldfinch. Blue Tit. Great Tit. Great Spotted Woodpecker. Chaffinch. Robin. Blackbird. Coal Tit. Wren. Goldcrest. Tree Creeper. Rook. Magpie. Collard Dove. Dunnock. Tawny Owl. Redstart. Curlew. Jay. Moorhen. Nuthatch. Swallow. Starling. Jackdaw. Wood Pigeon. Siskin. Common Buzzard.

Found these Goldfinch the other morning feeding on the Niger that had fallen on the ground from the feeder.B72A5450