Brand New 2022. ABI Roecliff 39 x 12 Two bedrooms.

Enjoy the simple pleasures of a comfy hideaway with country cottage style. Farmhouse inspired, The Roecliffe’s colour palette makes it warmly traditional, yet always stylish.           To include; Delivery, Pitching & Anchoring, Connection to all services, Gas stand & valves, 2 x 47kg gas cylinders, Aerial, ***** Also included 2022 Pitch… Read more »

Brand New 2022. Willerby Linwood Two Bedrooms 32×12.

The Linwood’s versatile space, smart under bench storage and fantastic price point makes it an ideal holiday home. Location at Goodenbergh will be WV14 To include; Delivery, Pitching & Anchoring, Connection to all services, Gas stand & valves, 2 x 47kg  gas cylinders, Aerial, ***** Also included 2022 Pitch fees, Rates, Water rates *****

Brand New 2022. Willerby Castleton Two Bedroom.38×12 Brand New.

Crafted to be just as elegant on the outside as on the inside, the Castleton has a contemporary aesthetic akin to a modern home. Location at Goodenbergh WV08         To include; Delivery, Pitching & Anchoring, Connection to all services, Gas stand & valves, 2 x 47kg gas cylinders, Aerial, ***** Also included… Read more »


Just love the Kestrel, but it is a bird I rarely come across, so when I get back to full fitness I am making it a Priority next year with the Kingfisher. Just before I had my operation I found a Kestrel nesting near where the Barn Owl is, and watched it bringing in small… Read more »

Red Squirell

Lovely time me and Ruth had when we were both fit and well, hopefully when we are both better we can go and see these beautiful animals.


The kestrel is a Bird of Prrey that can be seen along the motorway hunting for food. There amazing eyesight means they can hover in flight to look into the grass for small rodents. It is a Bird that I have only filmed about 3 times in my career as a photographer. While I was… Read more »

Back To Work on the Wildlife.

Maybe i was a bit hasty to think the NHS would look after me bt sadly because they failed to do a Scan on my ankle it now needs an Operation to stitch back my Achiles Tendent. Anyway the week has gone very well with lots of Birds and Wildlife around the site, so with… Read more »

Barn Owl.

The Barn Owl family i have followed since March 2020 are doing well up to last week  when the weather changed. But this adult brings so much food in I think the Stash will be good enough the get them through the wind and rain.

World Owl Trust

Hello and I hope that my work may continue in a limited way as I have just spent 12 weeks in a Cast. I was given the all clear, but a week later through no fault of my own showed up on a Scan to a Snapped Achiles tendent. So looks like an Op and… Read more »

New Season starting.

Can’t wait to get back to our Van and have a great season. The  Hide was a bit of a flop past year due to ill health but I am all record up and ready to get stuck into getting it the best it’s been. 4 Days to go and we will be there.  … Read more »

The Grey Heron

I thought i had posted this Blog but i cant see it so i am posting again. The Heron arrives at this time every year and i love watching it fly in with nesting material. Its a big bird so its critical you have the right lens on the camera. I took my 200-600 but… Read more »

Wildlife Portrait Photography.

After 10 years of filming wildlife I have noticed on the web that images are mainly full animals and Birds so with my fascination for detail thought it would be a good idea to create a new group just for Face and Head images. We tend to miss the detail and markings our wildlife here… Read more »

Birds in my garden.

With the weather very poor I only get out for a few hours a week when there is a break in the weather so when the light was ok mid week I decided to sit in my doorway at home and waited to see what came to visit. I was surprised to see a few… Read more »

A Walk in the Park

Hi folks, it’s very different here where we live to the site for birds so I went to a park close by to see if I could find a few feathered friends to photograph. Someone had placed some bird food on a post and from a distance I spotted some movement. Before long i was… Read more »

Egret on the Coast.

Out again with sunny spells so only a few opportunities to try and get the Egrets in flight. I noticed when I was on my Scooter at a place called Stanah that the Egret fed close to the path where people walk but every so often they would take to flight. So again trying to… Read more »

Poor Poor Weather

Hi it is a pain when you want to get out with your camera and the weather has been poor to say the least. Anyway Monday 16 Dec gave me a good time to get out and find the Geese that arrived weeks ago, and the Little Snow Bunting up at Fleetwood. I found the… Read more »

Blog update.

Hi I am having trouble again getting into my blog with my Laptop so for some strange reason I found I can do it from my phone. But it wont let me post my latest pictures from my trips out on the few sunny days we have had here in Lancashire. Anyway before I start… Read more »

Barn Owl

From March this year, this is the Barn Owl i rescued from the Cam net near the Hide. It took 40 mins to cut it free and it later came in and thanked me with this amzing pose.