Theft of my Nest Box

Sorry to have to come on and inform all site members that Theft has happened again on site.
I started the Nest Box Project 4 years ago taking lots of time researching what wood to use and dimensions. Then where to site the boxes. Then Getting them made fro wood i have Bought form my own pocket, made them in my time. Just to make the site better for the birds. I then have to put them up which is a task inits self, Ruth has helped me and Frank when he comes at weekend.
As you may know i spotted a Kestrel early in the year so i made a box for it. Boxes sited in late October Early November when most birds are looking for a nest site. The Box is Heavy made form Decking so i doesn’t rot. I put it near the Sing that says No Caravan Owners Beyond This Point. Its been there for a reason. I now see that Some Low Life has taken it. I say it like that because people must Know that its mine if they have a van on site. I am out everyday with the Camera, i Run the Hide and i do the Blog for the site and the Facebook Group. I make Nest boxes for people on site and Bird Feeders all for the good and benefit of Goodenbergh.
I will have to make another one now but if the person that took it reads this you want to feel VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF.
The Office will be informed as its THEFT.