The Hide on Site

Hi to all the new site members who are not aware of the Wildlife Hide i built in 2015. Its in a prime location away from ant disturbance and is an ideal spot for Animals and Birds to feed and roam without being noticed. If you fancy seeing the Jay, Woodpecker and at least 30 species of bird, plus Red Fox, Roe Deer, Squirrel, Stoat, Weasel, and the Rare Brown Hare it is the place to go. Built by me and by Wife Ruth it has improved year after year with new Shrubs, and small Pond and different Trees for the wildlife to feed on. The Fruit trees were planted by us 2 Apple 1 Plum and a Pear tree all give lovely Blossom around now and make a great background for photography.


Ask at reception or come to 30 Birch Wood the van with all the Wood Carvings in the Garden and i will gladly tell you the best time to visit to see the different species. The site helped out at the beginning of the season with Bird Food but sadly it only goes so far. Please help to keep it going by taking food with you for the Birds Peanuts, Sunflower Hearts and Fat Balls.