The Dipper

Full of a cold but thought I may have a change and go down by the river. Saw 2 Kingfishers then spotted a Dipper fishing lower down. After 30 minutes observation and Knowledge of the Dipper I knew they were using the same spot for a reason so I crept through the undergrowth and found a good spot. I backed into a Reed bed and got the Lens ready at 500, settings checked and ISO at 640. Yes it was dull and the water brown so things were not in favour but the first one landed and I watched it Prune itself and the turned to face me.

The second one flew in and started to fish for grubs and came up with some interesting stuff in its beak. I had the camera set to High Speed Burst as the noise of the river stopped the bird from hearing it. Anyway I have just got back and cropped them but no other editing done and I am really happy with the results. On a better day with better light I should get some amazing shots no I know where they are/