Tawny Owl Diary

After finding the tree with the Tawny Owl nest in had to find a way that i could set the wildlife camera up without disturbing the bird. The nest is very close to the track where a farmer drives his vehicle everyday to feed his Sheep. With this in mind i decided to set the camera up when there was activity going on that the Owl was used to.

2nd April

I set the camera up and after a day i captured a video of the Owl sitting in the tree hole, and a few of her bringing prey back to nest. The weather has not been kind to me and but i still placed camera at the nest site. The Owl has surprised me by being active at around 1030 in the morning not hunting just keeping watch around the tree area.

3rd April

Raining all morning so stayed away from nest area, later on that morning i went to get camera but found 2 Eggs on the floor outside the nest. It looked like the base of the tree had been compromised by an animal, so i looked into the nest and was greeted with a baby Olwet witch made me very happy. Hope to get some more footage at the site if all goes well.