Nov 1st Young Roe Deer


Another cracking day with blue skies all day. Went for a walk late this afternoon hoping to see the 2 young Roe Deer together, i had only got halfway to the hide when i spotted a white Rump in the undergrowth. ABS on and crouched down. Twig broke and it looked behind. A couple of shots then the other on appeared. After that they went out of site so i went further down thinking they would come out where i was. I had only been i position for 5 mins when a female startled me about 15 feet away eating away. It spotted me as i was that close and she jumped across the stream but stopped and looked at me for a photo.
Then as i was walking back up the lane the Male came looking for the female and stopped a short distance away. What a lovely time watching them. On my way back i noticed a Brown Hare sitting in the middle of the track with some great colours all around it.