When i was out last week visiting the hide i decided to explore the woods just to the left of the hide. I found 2 trees that had large oval holes in them. I looked in one but saw nothing then i looked in the other one and at the bottom was a Tawny Owl staring back at me, i stepped back and made a hasty retreat.

As the Tawny Owl is mostly Nocturnal it would be very difficult to film the parents feeding the young. Firstly i needed to find out if the Owl was on a nest or just roosting, so that night i went back at 2030hrs  and sat about 50ft away. After about 20 mins i heard the Blackbirds getting very adgitated and after a couple of minutes the Tawny flew past me very low to the ground carrying a mouse into the hole in the tree.

As i have never seen this in the wild before and to actualy film this would be a first and very interesting to me and anyone who has a interest in Owls, i ordered a Widlife Camera and on 31st April i placed the camera at the tree hole. Next morning i checked the SD card and found 2 videos of the Tawny comimg out of the hole, sadly the Infered was set to high so very white footage but i was happy that i have got her on film. The camera is know set on Low Infered so i am keeping my fingures crossed that this will sort it.

Although Nocturnal they will come out through the day so i have set it up for 2 days to see if i can get some daylight footage. Picture attached is of 2 young Tawny Owls form last year.IMG_0057 IMG_0058