King Of the River

Very Lucky man to have the King Of the River going bacwards and forwards all morning feeding the young. Each young Kingfisher has to have 11 fish a day so both Male and Female help with the feeding. I can only guess what day they will fledge and hope i can be there around the time when they leave the nest. They fledge early morning. parents look after the young for 2 days then push them out of the area. The parents have already mated at this point. I love nature but the 2 best birds i love the Barn Owl and the Kingfisher both have it very hard after leaving the nest, when you think of all the work that goes into breeding incubating the eggs and then working hard to catch 50-60 fish a day for 4 weeks. Sad it maybe is that most young Kingfishers die as a result of drowning trying to catch fish. Hope to post more pictures soon but i got these today so enjoy.