June 6th The Wren

This is the first Wren nest that have found so after observing it for 20 minutes i set up the camera. Not knowing the reaction of the bird with me being near the nest i stayed about 20 feet away lying on the ground. The Wren flew in every 2 minutes for all day with spiders for the young. 1941512_661557553979220_2434015537893857145_o

The wren is a tiny brown bird, although it is heavier, less slim, than the even smaller goldcrest. It is dumpy, almost rounded, with a fine bill, quite long legs and toes, very short round wings and a short, narrow tail which is sometimes cocked up vertically. For such a small bird it has a remarkably loud voice. It is the commonest UK breeding bird, although it suffers declines during prolonged, severely cold winters.