I Had To Visit The Hide.

Hi to all that follow my Blog, as you know Health has stopped me from running the Hide and doing the blog for all to enjoy. I have some good news in that my New Hip will be replaced on 17th August 2019. I really cant wait to get back to what I love doing. I came back to the Van last week, with Ruth who is getting used to her new Knee Replacement. I have been told to take it really easy a my Hip could break so any out of the question tasks is a No No. After 5 days the Urge to go to the hide just to see what state it is in was to great.

With all the Fields cut I got on the Scooter and made it to the entrance. First thing i noticed was the Brindge across the small stream is missing 3 Deck Boards. That’s the first job. The Path isn’t to bad just a quick cut to make good. But the Hide area really upset me, so overgrown and a empty pond. All this should look so nice with many Burds waiting to be fed.

I sat there for 20 mins and felt like crying as 5 years of dedication and daily  work had gone to pot. I wanted to get out and make it look like it should be but there is no way i can do it. I had my Camera with me I smiled when a Robin came in and landed with a Grub for Baby. And a Baby Nuthatch and what I think is a Baby Thrush sat and made me Happy again.


It will get the massive overhaul it deserves in the Autum or as soon as my New Hip is ready.

Reference to an earlier post I did. The Questions is if certain people were not happy with my comments, why have they not contacted and made an effort to keep it up and running. Its sits in a Sorry State so it shows one thing Without me Ruth the Goodrnbergh Hide would not exist.


Sorry to end on that note.


I will make it good again without any help.


Thank you so much to the genuine lovers of nature that enjoy what me and Ruth do in our own time for the site to enjoy.


Owl man, one Wing damaged but getting it repaired soon.


Flying at 100% soon.