Heavy Rainfall Playing on my Mind

Feeling very depressed as the weather has been so good for the wildlife and the Tan but now i am starting get Cabin Feaver in the Van 2 days non stop rain. Kept thinking of the Kingfisher all yesterday and through the night. The water levels were fantastic for them to get the fish for the young and with the rainfall onto the hills its going to get really deep.
The fish will be very hard to get for the young based on each young Kingfisher needing 11 fish a day, lets hope its a small clutch. So i went down today at 6 to see if the river was high and if the parents were still finding a food source for the young.

When i got there i couldnt believe how high the river had gone in a day, The Branches that the Kingfisher sat on were under water, the rocks they sat on were all under water, I waited near the bridge for 10 mins and then got the biggest grin on my face as an Adult flew passed with a fish in its bill.
Followed by the Female/Male with an other.

I will keep you up to date on the sightings.