First Red Fox Cub

Very poor year for the rare shot, last year was amazing so i put the carving tools away and went to see if i could get my first sighting of the young fox cubs. i put on the Sniper suite and walked slowly down the lane. Just as i got half way down i spotted an adult, i couldn’t believe it. So i watched where she went and thought it may come back this way and set up under a Rhodi bush. After 40 mins i saw it going across the field on the other side of the valley. That was that i thought, but over the years of time spent in the wild you learn the from the sounds that come from around.
All the while when i was sitting under the Rhodi bush i could hear the Blackbird giving off the Alarm call, in the woods that can only mean a Tawny Owl or Cat or maybe a Fox. I changed location and went a bit further into the woods and found a place where the light was good and where the Blackbirds calls were coming from. I aimed the camera at a spot that had good light and waited. My arm was going dead so i looked through the images from this week, just as i did that something caught my eye, and in the spot where i had aimed the Camera was my first Fox Cub Baby sitting watching me. We exchanged glances and then i raised the camera up, gone in a flash. I was so annoyed at myself i felt pig sick. Then i thought if that was a Puppy it would be inquisitive and come back for a further look, I got onto my belly and waited.Out of the corner of my eye a lot closer was another Cub, i pushed the lens out slowly but mayed a slight noise and it heard me, but instead of running off it sat there and was trying to work out what was lying in the undergrowth.
I was so excited i fired some shots off, but it was sat with some grass in front of it and the camera started to hunt. It sat there for around 30 seconds then ran off. My ever close up experience with a wild Fox Cub. The light was poor and had to put the ISO up to 1600 still pleased with results, but I know where they are no so I few more visits I think.B72A5560 B72A5563