Blog on Hold

Hi folks sorry to inform you after a year of Knee and Hip Replacements i have not been able to continue my Blog on the wildlife for you. Its a bad year but we are getting through and i am walking 6km a day 6 weeks after Hip Operation so its looking good for the Autumn and Next season. I have informed Graham that the Hide and the site will be the best it has been since i started 5 years ago so i hope you visit and see the changes i have in mind for the Hide area. I will be seeking help with Bird Boxes as the ones i put up a few years ago are looking in need of repair. I will need help at the hide as i cant do what i used to for at least 12 months. My new ideas are a sand Pit for the birds to clean in and to attract the Green Woodpecker that is about. There will be another veiwing area so you can get some differant angles for the photographers. So if you want to help to keep this unique setting looking good please contact me or leave your name with the Office as i wont be there for 3 weeks as Ruth is Starting Her Radio Therapy for Breast Cancer. Another blow to our year but we are positive and cant wait to get back to the site but our health comes first.

Thats about it for now but if i get out with my camera and find some nice images i will post on here for you to enjoy.

Thanks for your support and look forward to another fantastic year on the site.