Another Great Day

Well it started at 5 this morning and when Karl turned up we headed down to the Hide. Around 6.30 Karl spotted a Buzzard flying low towards the hide area. We kept still and quiet and gradually the Buzzard made its way forward low and flew up and laded opposite but was just out of view. But I got this shot which is a start. A Robin came and sat in the tree with the sun shining on its breast and it started to sing for around 5 minutes.

Around Lunchtime me and Ruth were sitting on the decking when a Sparrow Hawk flew just above our heads from left to right. Gosh I thought that’s never happened to me before when to my amazement it banked to the right and flew straight as us again.

Around 6 I went down to Burton and sat on the river waiting for the Kingfisher but it never came, but a Grey Wagtail came up the river on the rocks feeding of insects from the river.