A mixed Year for the Birds.

The weather has been brilliant and warm and fantastic for the birds but we have not recorded the same species this year like the 4 previous years. This is what i have recorded this year March 5th – Aug 7.:

Blackbird. Robin. Tree Sparrow. House Sparrow. Chaffinch. Great Tit. Blue tit. Coal Tit. Long Tailed Tit. Wren. Chiffchaf. Nuthatch. Dunnock. Collard Dove. Wood Pigeon. Jackdaw. Rook. Jay. Magpie. Swan. Moorhen. Coot. Heron. Mallard. Tufted Duck. Fieldfare. Redwing. Mistle Thrush. Song Thrush. Redstart. Spotted Flycatcher. Greenfinch. Goldfinch. Siskin. Lessor Redpoll. Kestrel. Common Buzzard. Bullfinch. Widgeon. Great Spotted Woodpecker. Green Woodpecker. Curlew. Lapwing. Red Legged Partridge. Pheasent. Tawny Owl. Swallow. Starling. Brambling. Treecreeper.

Still a great year with some species having 3 Broods. Also off site i found 3 Barn Owl Familys all with young that fledged.

On the river Greta i filmed Dipper having 2 broods and the Kingfisher also having one brood.


Posts will continue so i hope you all have had an interesting year following my posts and i hope to continue with the Blog and the Photography. Thank you Owlman Ron