A good morning Photography.

What a morning,went down to the hide for a change sat down when i heard the Blackbird going mad so it had to be a Owl. I just went into the field next left of the Hide and a Tawny Owl flew out low into Redstart Wood. The last 4 weeks has been really quiet, what a differance when all the young birds have fledged. A young Nuthatch, Woodpecker, Goldfinch and a Jay all came into the Hide to feed followed by a Juvenile Jackdaw.
Shortly after that the Brown Hare came into the Strimmed path we made yesterday followed by the Pesky Squirrel.
On my way back i found the Horses all relaxing in the field surrounded by Buttercups.
Passing the Pond i found hundreds of Damsel Fky mating around the edge. Not bad close up taken with the 400mm Lens.