A fitting Place for my 2 best mates.

I lost my Golden Labrador in 2006 and could never scatter his Ashes. After the sad loss of Jake i decided i would do a Wood Carving of Jake and put the Ashes inside it so i can have it at the Van and bring him home in the closed season. When i visited the van 2 weeks ago i looked up at Ingleborough and thought it would be a nice place for some of Jakes Ashes with Monty to be placed. So i engraved a metal tin and placed some of the Ashes of Monty and Jake with a Poem and a picture of them both.

Today at 9 i started the journey up with Faye not realising after 40 mins walk that the top was covered in cloud. As we got further up it turned to snow. After 3 hours we reached the Summit. And just for 30 seconds the Sun broke through and then disappeared,as if a little Dog was saying thanks Dad.

I walked as close to the edge of the mountain looking over in the direction of Goodenbergh and lifted a rock and placed the tin there so Jake and Monty can look down on us and me and Ruth can look up when we walk past Howards Bench.