Getting ready for the new Season

Only a week to go and the site will be open and we will be all set for the coming season. Bird feeders and nest boxes are ready and made over the Xmas period. Please come to 30 Birch wood for a feeder just bring a bag of nuts or Niger seed to help fund the Hide.

Last year the Oystercatcher nested on a old post last year but sadly the Anglers interrupted the breeding and they left the nest with one baby and 2 eggs. This year I spoke to the owner of the Lake and have got permission to make 2 Nest boxes on posts that I will place on the other side of the Lake and hope they find them and nest in them.

The Woods near the hide has a new Tawny Owl box and another 6 Redstart and Spotted Flycatcher boxes which I have made from Silver birch from the site.