June 2015 update

June has been a great month for our feathered friends most birds around the park have had young fledge, and the Blackbird and Songthrush have had 2 broods. You may have noticed a lack of birds at the feeders but this is the norm for June. All the hard work done the young will be following the adults around and learning for themselves about where to get food and how to stay safe.

Young birds that i have seen in June:

Greenfinch Robin Goldfinch Siskin Bullfinch

Songthrush Blackbird Chaffinch Redpoll

Wren Rook Jackdaw Jay Tree Sporrow

Coal Tit Blue Tit Great Tit Tawny Owl

Great Spotted Woodpecker

The feeders should still be kept full as this is still a good source of food for the both the adult and young birds.