Goodenbergh Pond

Goodenbergh Pond.

I was asked last week by Graham if i would clear the pond of the Algae that has formed over the winter and the past few months. I cleared it with Ruth and Carol last year so that the Malard Young could take flight.

When the Bellermy Trust came to visit the site last year i walked round the site like the previous year and we discussed the treatment of the pond. There is an Email that was sent to the office which i will be getting early next week explaining the way to maintain the pond after it has been cleared. Clearing the pond is only a short term fix as it will come back within a couple of weeks.

As i have never taken on anything like this before, it will be trial and error so i would ask people to be patient until a good solution is found to manage the pond so in the future it will not only look better for the site, but be better for the wildlfie that lives in it.