Goodbye for this year.

Well that’s 9 Months gone by and we enjoyed every minute of it. Started with the Hide being made and just got better throughout the year. Thanks to Debbie letting me build the Hide and paying for it. There are still a few people that still don’t know about it so spread the word please. A big thank you to all the site members who donated Bird Seed for the Hide, this is stock piled down at the Hide in a steel bin and will be a great start for next year.

I recorded 64 different species of bird in and around the site which is better than last year, the Owl nest boxes are all around the site and 2 Kestrel boxes so now that its quiet we should get some activity. in total there is 3 Tawny Owl, 2 Little Owl, and 2 Kestrel boxes. Just outside the site is a Barn Owl box so I am keeping my figure crossed as this would be amazing if we can attract one so near to site.

I am back in Thornton now until next March but will be out with my Camera most days and think it would be nice to keep my pictures on the group page. Here are a few memories from this year hope to get more special pics next year and praying the Barn Owl makes it through winter and breeds next year. Merry Xmas to all.