Blog update.

Hi I am having trouble again getting into my blog with my Laptop so for some strange reason I found I can do it from my phone. But it wont let me post my latest pictures from my trips out on the few sunny days we have had here in Lancashire. Anyway before I start can I give you an update on our Health. I am walking non stop and feel great and Ruth has finished her Cancer treatment. Her Knee is slowly healing but still finding it hard to walk far. But we have 3 months to the start of the season so we should be ready for the work I have planned for the site.


First job will be to take down the old Nest boxes around the site, firstly for the birds and so visitors don’t see old rotting boxes.


The Hide will need lots doing to it but will ready for the first weekend of the season. I will be asking the management forĀ  food contribution to get me started.


I will try to post some lovely images I have of a Stonechat, Goldeneye and Red Breasted Merganser all taken on the Boating Lake in Fleetwood.


Bye for now Owlman.