Back from the Isle of Mull

We are back from holiday on the isle of Mull. I have been down to check the hide and all is well. Weather is being very kind to the wildlife on site so we should have a good chance that all the young birds will have agood start in life when they fledge. The Blackbirds have all fledged the nest the Mistle Thrush and Song Thrush have also fledged.

We have had some new arrivals on site. The Chiffchaff Blackcap and Willow Warbler are all on site and can been seen at various locations. The sad news is i have had a Wildlife Camera up at the Tawny Owl nest box site but there is a Grey Squirrel living in it so we wont have any young this year. I will post some new pictures this week as i go round site.



MR CLUCKIE who comes to stay at the cottages has offered to help build a pond or reflection pool down at the hide so from monday we will be starting work on it. I will post pictures of the new pond later this week.

A big thankyou to Mr Cluckie for giving his time to help make the Hide a better place for our wildlife.


Bye for now RON