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Robin Goldfinch Greenfinch

Sat on my decking when the birds came in for there last feed of the day. The Greenfinch and Goldfinch took a liking to a certain plant that sits near to the feeders. When they can’t get onto the feeder they perch on top of this plant and wait for a space to come free…. Read more »

Red Squirell

Lovely time me and Ruth had when we were both fit and well, hopefully when we are both better we can go and see these beautiful animals.

May 21st The Bullfinch

Once a Cage Bird the Bullfinch was imported from Germany and taught to sing by their owners. They formed a strong attachment to their keepers. It is believed that they pair for life. Although the Bullfinch’s name is sometimes thought to come from its bull neck it may instead be derived from the German Blodtfink… Read more »