Stanley Park Mon 20 Jan 21

Withthe sun shining Ruth packed us a picnic and we headed off to the park. It was great to be out both walking after our Operations and soon the action started with the Young Swan’s flying from one end of the lake to the other. The place is full os activity so you have to eyes in the back of your head. I was watching the young gulls cleaning in the lake and i have observed before the way some rise up high and dive head first into the water which is a bit strange as they dont really dive for food. But one caught my eye out of at least 40-50. The images i got were just fantastic. That started the ball rolling and why we say having a sandwitch the Commorant started to open its mouth really wide and tilt its head to the back so i just thought it would be somthing different. Walki ng round we came across the Rose Necked Parakeet that has bread fast and from 1 we now have 6 all nesting in old Woodpeckers holes. They were very high but with my new Camera it still maitains a great Image Quality after editing

With my new Group started on Facebook i changed my mind and re named it Wildlife Action and Portrait Photography as i find still subjects very Boring and dont tell much of a story. With that in mind i started to get close ups of the Balck Headed Gull, Canada Goose, Herring Gull and the Rose Necked Parakeet. It was agret afternoon withs ome lovely Swan action shots. I hope you enjoy them.