Robin Goldfinch Greenfinch

Sat on my decking when the birds came in for there last feed of the day. The Greenfinch and Goldfinch took a liking to a certain plant that sits near to the feeders. When they can’t get onto the feeder they perch on top of this plant and wait for a space to come free.

The colour of green leaf and the lovely soft Bokeh the Sony lens creates is so nice and easy on the eye, it makes for a lovely print. I used the Rule of Thirds method when editing, i should do it when I take the picture but panic as I want the capture and birds don’t wait for you to take the image..Then a little Robin came and sat on the lovely log that’s is under the feeders. It is a juvenile and comes in all day to feed. Strange there is only one.I am home for a week but will try and capture some more images at home if Ruth takes me out in the car.