Operation Day.

  1. Well its all done my Ankle was operated on this morning so I am sending this from my hospital bed. I am returning to Goodenbergh hopefully to carry on with my reporting on the wildlife on site. My latest news is a sighting of a Little Grebe on the lake with 3 young.

The Male bullfinch made a quick visit but never returned. Greenfinch and Lsiskin halve done well and the Goldfinch thriving. I spotted a Kestrel near the lake, but it never took to my Nest Box I sited 2 years ago. A young common Buzzard can be seen daily flying over the lake area.

The Tree sparrow has been seen but not as many as i see for this time of year  also a regular sighting is the Goldcrest but I have not see one yet.

I want to carry on my work with the wildlife so as I will be on crutches and Ruth laying the Law to what I can is going to make it difficult. But nothing keeps Ron The Birdman down. So my plan is to use my electric Scooter to get about and follow as much activity I can.


Thank you for continuing to follow my blog and stay safe.


Birdman signing off.