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Bird Feeders

Nice Natural Bird Feeders made from the Trees of Goodenbergh. From one Piece of Wood I make a Nest Box then from the centre piece of wood I make a Bird Feeder. Please help to maintain the Hide Food Source by getting a Bag of Nuts in exchange for a feeder. Nuts are I run… Read more »

New Nest Boxes for the site

8 New nest boxes for the site as the ones i put up 4 years ago are on the way out. All boxes are made from the trees that have been felled on site this year. Its great to use the woodland trees to make a roosting and nest site for the birds. 

A fitting Place for my 2 best mates.

I lost my Golden Labrador in 2006 and could never scatter his Ashes. After the sad loss of Jake i decided i would do a Wood Carving of Jake and put the Ashes inside it so i can have it at the Van and bring him home in the closed season. When i visited the… Read more »

Jake my Trusted Friend.

This is not about nature but for all the people that follow the blog and met  Jake our Jack Russell when we used to walk around Goodenbergh site. He was 16 years and 10 months when his little heart gave in. H went peacefully in my arms and is now over the Rainbow Bridge waiting… Read more »

Winter Approaching

Blog will continue. We at back in Thornton ready to move house this Tuesday but I will be back up maybe at the weekend.   Nest Boxes need to be put up now if your planning on putting any up. Please check any nest boxes for leaks, as 3 I put up 3 years ago… Read more »

Common Buzzard

Earlier this year i put up a Telegraph pole down near the the hide to see if i could attract some birds of prey or Owls to use it as a perch or viewing spot. I went down to the Tower and sat there yesterday afternoon and i was really happy to see the Buzzard… Read more »

First Brambling

First Brambling   Just sat having a brew and looking on the floor under the feeders I noticed another bird in with the Chaffinch, yes its a Male Brambling, exactly the same time as last year. Dark morning and bad so couldn’t get a picture but its great to see them back. This is one… Read more »

An hour by the Lake

With the sunny days rare i decided to sit by the lake as it was so calm and the 5 Swans were Chasing each other. The Mallards flew in and i managed to capture a Male landing in front of me. After some editing i was really happy with the results. The light and reflection… Read more »

Tree Sparrow

There are many Tree Sparrows about at the moment and it looks good for the future on Goodenbergh for this Bonny little overlooked bird. I spotted it sitting on the pine tree at the back of the van. This is great as i have been trying for weeks to get a good shot of one.

Tawny Owl

Walking round the other day when i came across the Tawny Owl sitting low down so i approached and sat there for 10 mins admiring this great bird in the wild.

Blackies Tower

  Up at 5.30 and down to the Blackie’s Tower. God it was cold. One Star left in the sky even when the Sun was breaking the Horizon. A Brown came past hollowed by 2 Young Roe Deer. Buzzards were busy but didn’t land. Just as I was about to leave a Lovely Mature Red… Read more »

What a Lovely time with the Red Squirrel.

  Ruth made my lunch and I headed off on the scooter with my camera. Imagine riding for 40 mins with no car in front and no car behind, the sun shining. Park up with no one for miles. Walk for 15 mins, sit down in the middle of a huge Pine Foerst, and pour… Read more »

A Wet September

Another wet month and dull days are not the best for photography so here a few pictures that i took in September. A young Siskin, White Throated Dipper, Nuthatch, Wren, Long Tailed Tit, Common Buzzard, Goldfinch, Meadow Pipit, Tawny Owl in the nest Box, Wood Pigeon, and Chaffinch hiding in between the log stumps.  

Amazing Colour and Detail

Another bird that people overlook and call for being a pest, but when you see the feather detail and when you catch the bird in the right light, you then see why this is a great colourful British Bird.

Young Starlings

First visit of the Starlings to the Hide. The Colours and detail are overlooked and when you get close to them then you see the beauty of this bird.

Insects on the Site

With the birds all fledged and feeding on natural food i went on the hunt for some insects around the site. I just used my Zoom lens to get the images.

Pete the Peacock

Nice new addition to the site a male Peacock living happily at the stables.

The Jay

Nice to see a juvenile  Jay feeding at the hide.