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Little Wren

The Wren is popular visitor to the hide looking between all the tree logs and grass for food every so often it will stop for a few pictures on some nice weathered branches.

The Wood Pigeon

This overlooked bird is so colourful when you get close to it, the colours and detail in its feathers are amazing when the sun catches them. It decided to take a drink in the small pond in the hide and i managed to capture it with a nice reflection.

New sighting Hide the Treecreeper

The Huge tree trunk that we put in the hide 2 years ago is getting green with moss and the its a great place for the Treecreeper to find all kinds of bugs and insects. It came in yesterday for the first time

Nuthatch resting on the mossy Rock

As i was sat in the hide on Sunday i witnessed the Nuthatch behaving in a funny way. They always fly in and find the nuts and away they go to stash the find. For about and hour it came back and forth taking nuts with the Jay then i look on the wall and… Read more »

New sighting at the Hide Sun 11 March

This little Long Tailed Tit came in for the first time and was followed by 4 more there feeding behaviour is funny, they find the Sunflower hearts and take one and hang upside down by one leg and start to eat it really slowly.

Nice Jay

This is one of my best pictures of the Jay, they have amazing wing colours and make many different poses which for a photographer is just great. Its nice to fill the frame and this photo needed no editing so is one my best.

Brown Hare

Sat in the hide this morning when i got my first sighting of 2018 of a nice big Brown Hare, it wouldn’t stay still for a good shot but i got one as it ran across near the pond. Better ones to come.

New sightings

Great news the bird count is going up, in the hide Wednesday afternoon the Siskin came into feed and the Lessor Redpoll came in. The Grey Heron was fishing on the pond. Amazing how i have been away from Oct and within 3 days there all back again, and to top it off a flock… Read more »

New Sightings

Another trip to the hide and the Great Spotted Woodpecker and Goldfinch came in to feed followed by the Jay in flight and looking for Nuts.

First Day on Site

Hi folks we are up at the Van. A few repairs needed, but managed to get a couple of hours in. The Sound of the Songthrush came from the Pine tree close by and its just like clockwork same tree same day what a song.   Then a slow walk to the hide and the… Read more »

A very cold morning on the Coast.

Up early for High Tide and i was surprised by the Black Tailed Godwit that was flushed out by a dog walker, so i hit the shutter button and prayed it was in focus. I then caught some lovely Teal and Wigeon Enjoy the pictures.   Ron

Oystercatcher Nest Boxes

Last year the Oystercatcher nested in an Old Post that had rotted at the top. The adults had eggs and young when they were disturbed. With this in mind I contacted the Owner of the Lake and got permission to build some Oystercatcher nest boxes and last Saturday they were situated on the Lake on… Read more »

Curlew Redshank and Oystercatcher

Really trying to get the Birds in Flight so off out again looking around for Large birds that fill the frame of the camera, this way i don’t have to Crop the Image that means getting rid of the area around the bird that is not important to the finished image. Not the best but… Read more »

Teal at Stanah Estuary

Hi what a lively sunny day, but cold so i packed the scooter and went off to visit some places to try out some Birds In Flight. The Teal come into rest at Stanah when the tide is out so there sitting getting the sun. The objective is to get them as they fly past… Read more »

Getting ready for the new Season

Only a week to go and the site will be open and we will be all set for the coming season. Bird feeders and nest boxes are ready and made over the Xmas period. Please come to 30 Birch wood for a feeder just bring a bag of nuts or Niger seed to help fund… Read more »

GOA Holiday part 3

On our final day we went on a Boat trip and saw 5 different Kingfishers and other birds along the way.

Holiday to GOA

Hi to all sorry for the lack of posts but I have changed my laptop and didn’t have my password to log in but I am up and running. I would like to share my holiday photographs with you. We went for 2 weeks to North GOA and had a great time, but the bird… Read more »