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Canada Goose

Nice Canada goose chasing the young from last year off.

An afternoon with the Red Squirrel

Hi to everyone i had a great afternoon with Ruth filming the Red Squirrel in an amazing location. They are very friendly and like having their picture taken. If you like any photos please contact me as i can print and frame for a small charge.

Dipper Family

Well i bring sad news about the Dipper family i found on the river Greta on Sunday. I went down yesterday to do some more filming and waited 30 minutes. I then found out why the Dipper was not anywhere to be seen, a big Mink came from directly under the Nest site so it… Read more »


A Lovely Lapwing wading in a man made lake near to Hornby, colours are stunning when caught in the right light. This is a Red Status bird so sightings are becoming rare for a lot of people. 

The Dipper

Full of a cold but thought I may have a change and go down by the river. Saw 2 Kingfishers then spotted a Dipper fishing lower down. After 30 minutes observation and Knowledge of the Dipper I knew they were using the same spot for a reason so I crept through the undergrowth and found… Read more »

Action packed few hours at the hide.

What an afternoon down at the hide, the birds were busy collecting nesting material and i was lucky enough to be there when the Blue tit, Robin and Coal tit all took to taking the Goats fur i had put out for them. The Jay was having a good play flying backwards and forwards looking… Read more »

Goldfinch Nesting Material

Whilst at the hide the Goldfinch came in for the Niger and one decided to land on a small mossy branch and started to pick bits of in its beak  just there at the right time.

Stalking the Roe Deer

As I left the hide I noticed a White Bum in the grass, I decided to try and get close enough to get my first picture of a Roe Deer this year. Luckily the wind direction was in my favour and noisy so it made it a bit easier. I had to wait till it… Read more »

New Lens

Hi i have changed my lens so here are my first shots with it.

Oystercatcher Nest Box Project

The Plan Paid off. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together, after the disaster last year with the Oystercatchers I ask the owner of the Lake if I could make some nest boxes for the Oystercatchers. Karl my mate made 2 and we sighted them in February hoping that they would find… Read more »

Wet Jay at the Hide

Sat in the Hide nice and early but the rain started and i decided to stay and see what comes in. Anyway the Jay came to find my Nuts. Painful but he sat for a picture or to before he flew in. I love the colours on the Jay even in the rain.

New Project.

New Project. I think it would be a good idea for there to be a area where we can observe Butterflies and Bees for anyone interested in Macro photography. Barbara has kindly grown lots of different flowers and if we keep them in pots we can find a suitable area in the Hide and place… Read more »

Woodpecker close up feeding

This male Great Spotted Woodpecker collected a nut and placed it in the tree hole that i drilled and broke it up inside. His beak could do with a clean.

The Nuthatch

As i sit and watch the Nuthatch fly back and forth looking for Sunflower i cant help but think wher does he stash all the food, it goes on for hours. Peanuts, Sunflower Hearts and Black Sunflower. He is very selective in what he chooses. Yesterday he found a sunflower but as he was facing… Read more »

Springtime at Goodenbergh

Springtime at Goodenbergh. The season starts with the birds busy looking for a mate, the frog spawn sits on the top of the pond waiting for the slightest movement. Dashing from the undergrowth a Brown Hare runs when i startle it. All around the sound of nature and in the distance the new born lamps… Read more »

Great Spotted Woodpecker

This a busy time for all the birds and you can hear the knock knock knock of the Woodpecker call out to a mate somewhere in the woods. They visit the hide and display in many different ways. Gripping onto on of my tee stumps and staying there it was one of carvings. Why they… Read more »

Short Eared Owl

Thank you  Mr Shortie for sitting still with one leg up while i got into position and took this wonderful picture. Weeks of approaching you wearing the same clothing and using the same technique made this shot so special. 

When you visit the stables and see this amazing little bird remember they make this journey to breed and raise a family and many don’t make the journey Migration is a hazardous time and many birds die from starvation, exhaustion and in storms. European swallows spend the winter in Africa south of the Sahara, in… Read more »