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The Nuthatch

As i sit and watch the Nuthatch fly back and forth looking for Sunflower i cant help but think wher does he stash all the food, it goes on for hours. Peanuts, Sunflower Hearts and Black Sunflower. He is very selective in what he chooses. Yesterday he found a sunflower but as he was facing… Read more »

Springtime at Goodenbergh

Springtime at Goodenbergh. The season starts with the birds busy looking for a mate, the frog spawn sits on the top of the pond waiting for the slightest movement. Dashing from the undergrowth a Brown Hare runs when i startle it. All around the sound of nature and in the distance the new born lamps… Read more »

Great Spotted Woodpecker

This a busy time for all the birds and you can hear the knock knock knock of the Woodpecker call out to a mate somewhere in the woods. They visit the hide and display in many different ways. Gripping onto on of my tee stumps and staying there it was one of carvings. Why they… Read more »

Short Eared Owl

Thank you  Mr Shortie for sitting still with one leg up while i got into position and took this wonderful picture. Weeks of approaching you wearing the same clothing and using the same technique made this shot so special. 

When you visit the stables and see this amazing little bird remember they make this journey to breed and raise a family and many don’t make the journey Migration is a hazardous time and many birds die from starvation, exhaustion and in storms. European swallows spend the winter in Africa south of the Sahara, in… Read more »

The Jay

This is a great bird to photograph and the different you can capture so many different actions and postures this bird makes. The colours are just perfect for the Camera and it comes close so the detail really shows on this very cheeky Bird.

Lessor Redpoll

Sat tin the hide this week i had a visit from a male Redpoll who is in full bloom. He sat for a few photos and then fed on Niger seed before flying off The colours are stunning at this time of year.

New sightings

Well the weather is warm and the sun is shining and we have a new sighting down at the hide A nice Meadow Pipit about 5 in total. 

New sighting

Great news the male Reed Bunting turned up today so that’s the Male and Female both on site, lets hope they set a date to meet up so we can have some young Reed Buntings.

New sighting

We have a new visitor to the hide, a nice Female Reed Bunting. Lovely little bird who always visits every year and i hope the male turns up so she can pair.

The Goldfinch.

A closer look a the Goldfinch.   1. There are just three species of goldfinches in the world – our familiar bird, plus two across the Atlantic: the widespread American goldfinch and Lawrence’s goldfinch, found in the south-west USA.   2. European goldfinches were introduced successfully to both Australia and New Zealand over 100 years… Read more »

3 Years of waiting.

Live from the Hide17.00 . 3 years I have waited for a certain Bird to come and sit in the trees in the Hide. Heart skipped a beat when a huge Buzzard flew in and got something at the pond. It was out of sight. 40 mins waiting when another one in from the left… Read more »

Little Wren

The Wren is popular visitor to the hide looking between all the tree logs and grass for food every so often it will stop for a few pictures on some nice weathered branches.

The Wood Pigeon

This overlooked bird is so colourful when you get close to it, the colours and detail in its feathers are amazing when the sun catches them. It decided to take a drink in the small pond in the hide and i managed to capture it with a nice reflection.

New sighting Hide the Treecreeper

The Huge tree trunk that we put in the hide 2 years ago is getting green with moss and the its a great place for the Treecreeper to find all kinds of bugs and insects. It came in yesterday for the first time

Nuthatch resting on the mossy Rock

As i was sat in the hide on Sunday i witnessed the Nuthatch behaving in a funny way. They always fly in and find the nuts and away they go to stash the find. For about and hour it came back and forth taking nuts with the Jay then i look on the wall and… Read more »

New sighting at the Hide Sun 11 March

This little Long Tailed Tit came in for the first time and was followed by 4 more there feeding behaviour is funny, they find the Sunflower hearts and take one and hang upside down by one leg and start to eat it really slowly.

Nice Jay

This is one of my best pictures of the Jay, they have amazing wing colours and make many different poses which for a photographer is just great. Its nice to fill the frame and this photo needed no editing so is one my best.