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Blog on Hold

I have stopped the wildlife Blog till further notice as i have had problems with my Hip and Leg for the last 2 years and it has got that bad i cant walk short distances. My MRI scan is on the 13 June so hopefully they will find what the problems is and i can… Read more »

Island of Mull

We went to stay with our friend Sarah for a week and we could not have asked for better weather. The location was to die for, both living room and bedroom looking out over the countryside. The boat trip was fantastic and i got by dream when the White Tailed Eagle came in for the… Read more »

The Barn Owl

i was treated to a great time with the Barn Owl just before leaving for Mull and there the best i have to date. Enjoy as i did.

Short Eared Owl

My first Short Eared Owl for 5 years, seen up near the Big Stone as you go out of High Bentham and head out onto the moors. It surprised me as i was looking for Skylarks in the fields when it appeared from nowhere. Not my best but still a good capture for the moment.

Grey Heron Display

Me and Ruth went for our lunch by the river in Kirkby Lonsdale when a Grey Heron flew past and started to fish, this was a great treat as the Heron is so hard to get close to. Think it must have been last years young as it let me film with a bit of… Read more »

Our Trip to the Farne Islands

Extended Wildlife Blog report from our trip to the East Coast. We had a great time over the weekend and finished it off with a trip on Billy Shields Boat Trip. The experience was just amazing so many birds to photograph and me and Ruth came close to the Puffins and Terns and many other… Read more »

Jay in flight.

I am away filming Puffins and Terns so i wanted to set my camera up for flight shots so i went to the Hide to test it on the Jay. It came in many times and these are the results.

The Hide

Just inform site members that visit the Hide that there is no food inside to feed the birds. We are now in our 5th year and after countless posts on Facebook and by word of mouth asking for help with food, the response is Zero, so we are not going to fund it anymore. It… Read more »

The Dipper on the river Greta.

Day 32 Sunrise on the Greta A after 32 days of finding the Dipper, I arrived on day 32 and got into position. It was quiet so I thought the worse that the Mink had been to the nest. After 20 minutes the first Dipper arrived at the nest but it was carrying Leaves. So… Read more »

Pete Looking good.

Pete is still calling for his companion so i will speak to the Management and see if we can get a Female for next year. That will be only when i have researched into the ins and outs of the Peacock breeding. Just a thought for next year.

The Starling

We have a nest opposite with a Starling family in, i know people look at it as a pest but i look at the Starling as an amazing bird who like all the other birds is here and has to do what all the other birds do breed and raise a family. Catch the Starling… Read more »

The Dipper

Great news the Dipper get taken by the Mink and i visited on Tuesday afternoon to see the adults still feeding taking food from the bottom of the river Greta. The nest is situated high in a very mossy rock face . They find the food and have the same habit of sitting on the… Read more »

The Wood Pigeon

Just look at the colours on the head of this Wood Pigeon sitting in the sun. Amazing detail.

The Hide

To all that use the Hide for their pleasure, i have placed a sign in the Hide asking for seed donations from people that visit and use the hide.  As the response has been poor i have no option than to leave ask people to take their own food for the birds. This means that… Read more »

May is Here

As May begins I rise early to the sight of the Rook raiding my feeders, but in the middle of the flock is a Grey Squirrel taking the nuts I put out the night before. I arrive at the river which is very low, and great for the Kingfisher to get the Minos for their… Read more »

Portraits of a few Birds

Many people don’t realise how much detail there is in Birds, we just see them flying and sitting or eating. So i am trying to capture as many birds faces to show how much we are missing in the bird life on site and down at the hide

Jay in Flight

I am very pleased with the new camera set up and with experience in the hide i tried capturing the Jay in flight. This is the hardest form of photography to master but after 4 years in the hide and hundreds of hours i am very familiar to how the Jay feeds when he enters… Read more »