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A mixed Year for the Birds.

The weather has been brilliant and warm and fantastic for the birds but we have not recorded the same species this year like the 4 previous years. This is what i have recorded this year March 5th – Aug 7.: Blackbird. Robin. Tree Sparrow. House Sparrow. Chaffinch. Great Tit. Blue tit. Coal Tit. Long Tailed… Read more »

Sparrow Hawk at the Hide.

Another encounter with the not so much liked Sparrow Hawk, i love all birds as its here and been here for along time and its in a group of many birds that take smaller ones but it does this to live and raise their family. It was a juvenile and i watch as a Great… Read more »

March to Aug Bird Species seen on Goodenbergh.

Hi well its been a mixed year 2018 with a few species of bird not arriving on site. The cause could be the Beast from the East. I say that as our smallest bird in the the Gold Crest never arrived, this is the first year i didn’t see this lovely little bird.

2014 – 2018 Roe Deer

A look back at my Roe Deer photographs since arriving at Goodenbergh. I have learnt many things about the Roe Deer and filming them needs skills to get close, Wind direction and Fieldcraft Skills. Here are a few from 2014 to August this year.

Blackie’s Wildlife Tower Pays Off after 2 years.

Blackie’s Wildlife Tower finally pays off after 2 years. I sat in the tower tonight after flushing out our Roe Deer family. They have one young one who stayed in the undergrowth but the Male and Female decided to graze on the lush grass in the field behind the hide. They got about 100 metres… Read more »

Box Found

The Nest Box has been found but it was removed without me knowing.

Theft of my Nest Box

THEFT OF MY NEST BOX.   Sorry to have to come on and inform all site members that Theft has happened again on site.   I started the Nest Box Project 4 years ago taking lots of time researching what wood to use and dimensions. Then where to site the boxes. Then Getting them made… Read more »

A walk to the Hide tonight

A quick walk down to the Hide, nice Brown Hare and when I sat down and within 10 mins heard the sound of the Common Buzzard so I left the hide and looked for the Bird. I found it sitting calling from a tree in the distance. Cropped a lot but still happy with the… Read more »

Baby Boom at the Hide.

My leg and back are still bad but managed to get to the hide the other morning and witnessed loads of different species of bird most of them all young feeding and drinking from the pond.

The Amazing Barn Owl

Again i sat with the sun on my back waiting for my favourite bird to come and hunt for food for her young. I waited in a n area where she gets most kills. The sun was just going behind the hills where i was sat but high up she came in gliding with the… Read more »

Barn Owl Facts

Thought it would be a good idea to inform people that follow my Barn Owl pictures to let them know a few facts about this amazing Bird, hope you find this interesting. This amazing Bird has a very hard life hear in the Uk with Old Barns being turned into Dwellings, Fields are Cut at… Read more »

My Favourite Bird

My all time Favourite Bird. No wonder I never stop Carving this Majestic bird, Photographing it and Drawing it. There is just something about it that is just mesmerising about the Barn Owl.

Barn Owl Little Owl.

Out tonight looking for the Barn Owl. Went out at 8 to check on the progress of the Barn Owl and came across this Little Owl peeping over the wall at me. After getting some pics of the Little Owl i checked on the first Barn Owl and it looks like they have fledged which… Read more »


COMMON COURTESY.   A big Thank you to who ever used the food i took to the Hide over the weekend.   How many times do i have to ask people if they use the Hide to take some food with them. Some new people on site visited today but we couldn’t fill the feeders… Read more »

Car Photography

Up at 5 on the Moors for some Car Photography. First thing I came across was a Short Eared Owl but no picture, then as I drove down a lane with a wall either side of me I spotted a Little Owl sitting in the Sun. I kept the engine running and as I was… Read more »

A visit to the Hide

The Birds are busy again after this very quiet period. Looks like all the young have fledged, here are a few that i took this week.

Help at the Hide.

Can i thank the few people that came down to the Hide last Thursday to help plant 3 new Shrubs and move some heavy logs about. They also help cut the grass back on the path area.

Out in the Car

I was very concerned about the Blog with the ongoing leg and back problem, so i went to see the Barn Owl in Bentham. This is one of 3 Nest Sites. Thay are all still feeding the young so it could be any day now. I hope you enjoy the pictures.