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Detail with the new Camera

I ma very impressed with the Olympus on how much detail it captures and the colours and composition seems to be perfect. I do edit most pictures but i rarely alter the colours. This little Pied Wagtail and Great Tit were on the way back from the coast in small wood near to were we… Read more »

A walk along the Coast

Another nice day in Cleveley’s Lancashire so i headed off with the camera to see if the tide was in, as the Sandlings feed close to the shore line and are great to get close to without them flying off. A hard bird to get great detail being white but i got a few nice… Read more »

Birds in Flight

More practice with the new camera up at Fleetwood, lots of Mallard and Redshank, Sandpiper and Turnstone. All flying very fast so i had my work cut out but managed a few images, but there is a long way to go before i master this new Camera.

Grey Heron

Fleetwood Lancashire is a great place for wading birds in the Winter and the Boating lake attracts lots of species when the tide is in. The Heron is one that uses it to sit in the sun and chill out before it goes off for food, these were taken using the Olympus EM1 MK2.

Teal Reflection

I have waited a long time to get the chance to get up and personal with this Lovely little Duck. It has a habit of moving away as soon as its sense something not  right or anyone lurking in the grass with a Camera. The Tide was high today and the cold winter sun was… Read more »


Don’t you just love the detail on this over looked bird that arrives in the UK from Russia in the Autumn. Taken from my garden window.

The Camera and Lens

Well the Olympus set up is performing brilliantly and when the weather gets a bit better i know i will get some of my best ever images and i just want the new season to start. I went yesterday and today when i go t break in the weather. The Teal and Widgeon are a… Read more »

The New Camera and Lens

Hi folks great news after  year of testing different Camera’s and Lens i have finally found my Sweet Baby. From Canon to Olympus  was a big step to take but i am over the moon with the O-MD E-M1 Mk11. Its has opened a new World for me and i cant wait to get back… Read more »

Another Season Over.

Hello to all the people that take time to look at my Wildlife Blog, and find it interesting. To start with there is a new Facebook Group called Goodenbergh Wildlife Group. I closed the other group as many people have left and i wanted to try and start something new for all site members who… Read more »

A new look to the Hide.

I have removed all the old logs and stumps and replaced with new stumps to give the hide a new fee to it and give the photographer a new angle on the photographs. It was heavy going and there is still lots to do. The roof needs a big repair job on it, new Chairs… Read more »

New Species at the Hide

On Wednesday i was sat at the Hide when a Willow Tit landed and fed on the sunflower hearts. This is the first sighting of this little bird in the 4 years i have set the hide up. It seemed to be on its own and looks very similar to the Coal Tit but has… Read more »

Bird Count so far.

Hi to all the bird count has not been as good as last year but still a good year. Blackbird, Bullfinch, Blue Tit, Brambling.                                                               … Read more »

New Species Little Grebe.

Another first for the Blog. Little Grebe Famly.   10 Years i have been doing photography and have never come across a Little Grebe but today i came across a family of 6 2 Adults and 4 juvenile’s, on the Lake near the site. There very hard to photograph and dive and swim away when… Read more »

A mixed Year for the Birds.

The weather has been brilliant and warm and fantastic for the birds but we have not recorded the same species this year like the 4 previous years. This is what i have recorded this year March 5th – Aug 7.: Blackbird. Robin. Tree Sparrow. House Sparrow. Chaffinch. Great Tit. Blue tit. Coal Tit. Long Tailed… Read more »

Sparrow Hawk at the Hide.

Another encounter with the not so much liked Sparrow Hawk, i love all birds as its here and been here for along time and its in a group of many birds that take smaller ones but it does this to live and raise their family. It was a juvenile and i watch as a Great… Read more »

March to Aug Bird Species seen on Goodenbergh.

Hi well its been a mixed year 2018 with a few species of bird not arriving on site. The cause could be the Beast from the East. I say that as our smallest bird in the the Gold Crest never arrived, this is the first year i didn’t see this lovely little bird.

2014 – 2018 Roe Deer

A look back at my Roe Deer photographs since arriving at Goodenbergh. I have learnt many things about the Roe Deer and filming them needs skills to get close, Wind direction and Fieldcraft Skills. Here are a few from 2014 to August this year.

Blackie’s Wildlife Tower Pays Off after 2 years.

Blackie’s Wildlife Tower finally pays off after 2 years. I sat in the tower tonight after flushing out our Roe Deer family. They have one young one who stayed in the undergrowth but the Male and Female decided to graze on the lush grass in the field behind the hide. They got about 100 metres… Read more »