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Young Male Mallard.

  This is a juvenile Male Mallard colours jus starting to come through and when fully formwed give off an amazing Teal, Bottle green. I found it on my little walk yeasterday with doing anything stupid to get the image. Hope this is a good Autumn where i can post some nice photographs with  nice… Read more »

My First Bird Photograph.

Its so nice to be back and I blew the dust off the Olympus OMD EM1 MK2. The only thing is I forgot all my settings. Ruth went to Lancaster so I walked a short way down from our van crutches and camera. On the corner is a lovely Pine Tree with green branches so… Read more »

We are back.

Hello to everyone who follows my Blog, i have had my Hip replaced 4 weeks ago and i am healing really well but need to be careful for 12 months so i dont undo all the Surgeons work. I have soken to Graham abou hot the Hide will be brilliant next year with new ideas… Read more »

Hide Visit to put Feeders out.

After yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to put some feeders out. I took my camera but the battery ran out. Before it did I capture the Young Redstart and young Goldfinch plus what I think is a Willow Warbler due to the colour of its legs. Nice half hour.   Owl… Read more »

I Had To Visit The Hide.

Hi to all that follow my Blog, as you know Health has stopped me from running the Hide and doing the blog for all to enjoy. I have some good news in that my New Hip will be replaced on 17th August 2019. I really cant wait to get back to what I love doing…. Read more »

Hide and Blog on Hold

Hi just a quick message to let the people know who follow my blog that I have decided to put Ruth an my health first. Ruth had a Knee replacement 3 weeks ago and I am have a New Hip in the next 2 months. I am really upset that I have not got out… Read more »

Wildlife very quiet.

Hi to all the people from the site that follow my blog, as you cant leave comments i have no idea who or if anyone reads it. This time of the year is always quiet as the adults are feeding their young. It will get busy again soon as the young leave the nest. I… Read more »

New Sightings

After a long spell of rain it was time for a walk to the hide, very quiet still but on the way i did notice a Blackbird with worms in its bill. So it looks like the quiet spell is due to the fact that all the adults are very busty feeding the young in… Read more »

Great Spotted Woodpecker

This is an amazing bird to photograph at the hide. You can get so close to this shy bird. It has so many different movements. When it comes in to feed it is very alert always looking around for danger.   It is clever at finding places to place the Peanut to eat it. Small holes… Read more »

Orange Tip Butterfly

I was sat in the hie on Wednesday and noticed lots of small white butterflies flying backwards and forwards not landing. I could see that they had a Orange marking on them so it new they were the Orange tip British Butterfly that arrives in April Mat time. They never stop to get a picture… Read more »

Bullfinch Arrives

Another new arrival flew in today and what a bird this is, not seen at the van since 2015 when it decided to nest close by and raised i young. I built a new Bird Table from and old log and a nice old peace of Pine and erected it outside the front of the… Read more »

Flowers around site.

Very quiet at the hide so i spent some time just taking pictures of wild flowers and a few on site. Don’t know what they are but the colour and detail are amazing.

The Hide on Site

Hi to all the new site members who are not aware of the Wildlife Hide i built in 2015. Its in a prime location away from ant disturbance and is an ideal spot for Animals and Birds to feed and roam without being noticed. If you fancy seeing the Jay, Woodpecker and at least 30… Read more »

Apology for not updating Blog

Hi i have been suffering with severe back and Leg pain after Injection in my spine, so as its not worked i am looking at Back Decompression. I still get to the hide but the Birds are not like usual for the time of year. Me and Ruth have been as busy i she will… Read more »

Barn Owl update.

Day 3 observing the Owl near the hide, and i notice 2 days she does the same thing. She tends to hunt from 1400 to 15.30 sometimes returning to her roosting box. I have observed a very interesting fact, that i read for years that the Barn Owl will not hunt in the rain and… Read more »

Barn Owl

The site opened and i went to do my normal check of the Hide after winter, but i did visit early Jan/Feb before the site opened. There was a very welcoming site as i came down the track through the woods, silently hunting was the amazing Barn Owl. I was so excited after so long… Read more »

New Season

Hi to all the people that follow the Blog, lots to do at the Hide and the good news is there has been a Barn Owl sighting near the hide. I am going to make a Barn Owl Nest box and sight it on the telegraph pole in the meadow at the hide. The Weather… Read more »

New Season is here.

Hi to all the Bloggers that take the time to look at this wonderful selection of Animals Birds and Flora. It was a great season in 2018 with new species recorded and some photographed. I am really hoping that 2019 will be as good and I will try my hardest after struggling Last year with… Read more »