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Willow Tit

The Willow Tit is visiting the feeders for the Sunflower at 30 Birchwood, lets hope there are young in the nest. The Bird is identical to the Marsh Tit and many debates go on about it. These birds are red listed by the RSPB, meaning they are of highest conservation concern. I am very privileged… Read more »

Young Dunnocks

Sitting having a brew when i spotted 3 young Dunnocks being fed by the Adult on the grass outside 30 Birchwood. A small brown and grey bird. Quiet and unobtrusive, it is often seen on its own, creeping along the edge of a flower bed or near to a bush, moving with a rather nervous,… Read more »

Tawny Owl Diary

After finding the tree with the Tawny Owl nest in had to find a way that i could set the wildlife camera up without disturbing the bird. The nest is very close to the track where a farmer drives his vehicle everyday to feed his Sheep. With this in mind i decided to set the… Read more »


When i was out last week visiting the hide i decided to explore the woods just to the left of the hide. I found 2 trees that had large oval holes in them. I looked in one but saw nothing then i looked in the other one and at the bottom was a Tawny Owl… Read more »

Roe Deer

Keep your eyes peeled for the Roe Deer around the park, best time dusk or dawn, this photo was my first and it all happened last year when i hid in cover and waited for the deer to arrive. When the deer appeared it was very interested in me and came close to have a… Read more »

Sunset over the Lake

If you like a nice Sunset visit the Lake when the Sun goes down there are some great Sunsets.

Bird Sightings around the Park

Its has been a great month for sightings in and around the park and down at the hide, Bullfinch Siskin Jay Greenfinch Red Legged Partridge Reed Bunting Willow Warbler Willow Tit Buzzard Great Spotted Woodpecker Coal Tit Willow Tit Great Tit Chaffinch Robin Song Thrush Tawny Owl and Grey Heron. The Hide is getting many… Read more »

A pair of Bullfinche’s on the site

There is a male and female Bullfinch around 30 Birchwood, for anyone has not yet seen the great bird up close. If you put Snflower hearts out you stand a goos chance of seeing them. These are from window of 30 Birchwood.

Time to check the nest boxes

As you walk round the site keep your eyes peeled for birds who have occupied a nest box, enter details into the book in reception so we can build a database of all the birds nesting on site.

New Sign for Woodland Walk

Mr Blackburn has kindly made a new sign for the start of the Woodland Walk. It now reads Howards Woodland walk, in memory of Howard who sadly past away last year.