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An Hour in the Garden

Decided to spend an hour in the garden filming the birds coming in for a feed. The variety was nice with a Dunnock, Sparrow, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Great Tit, Collard Dove, Wood Pigeon, Robin and Starling. I only got a few but what i got really shows to image quality and brilliant colours… Read more »

Quick trip to Estuary.

The sun came out for a brief time so I nipped to see what I could find. A little Robin posed for me and got a nice crisp image of it with the Sun on its red chest. Then feeding in the grass after the tide went out was a Little Egret.


There are now 6 Parakeets living in the Park and seem to be attracting lots of visitors. They maybe a bit special for people to see but in the long run they could do lots of harm to the other bird species in the park. They take over the Great Spotted Woodpecker nest holesĀ  Anyway… Read more »

Oystercatcher Fleetwood.

Went out today and headed up to Fleetwood as I arrived I was lucky the tide was going out so down to the beach. Just before I went to the beach I found some Turnstones on the rocks on the boating lake and I captured them taking to flight. Then I got into position for… Read more »

Sony Equipment Amazing

My new gear is just incredible and gives me lots of scope for the year ahead, its fast and helps me in my main form of photography, Birds in flight. Yes there is a lot of skill to get the image and more than always its the Camera settings that have to be spot on…. Read more »

All the Best for 2020

Hi and lets put 2019 behind us as it was the worst year for me and Ruth, but we are both nearly fully recovered and really looking forward to the season in our loveley van. Cant wait to get the Hide sorted and capture some amazing wildlife. I have treated myself again to a New… Read more »

A Walk in the Park

Hi folks, it’s very different here where we live to the site for birds so I went to a park close by to see if I could find a few feathered friends to photograph. Someone had placed some bird food on a post and from a distance I spotted some movement. Before long i was… Read more »

Egret on the Coast.

Out again with sunny spells so only a few opportunities to try and get the Egrets in flight. I noticed when I was on my Scooter at a place called Stanah that the Egret fed close to the path where people walk but every so often they would take to flight. So again trying to… Read more »

Poor Poor Weather

Hi it is a pain when you want to get out with your camera and the weather has been poor to say the least. Anyway Monday 16 Dec gave me a good time to get out and find the Geese that arrived weeks ago, and the Little Snow Bunting up at Fleetwood. I found the… Read more »

Blog update.

Hi I am having trouble again getting into my blog with my Laptop so for some strange reason I found I can do it from my phone. But it wont let me post my latest pictures from my trips out on the few sunny days we have had here in Lancashire. Anyway before I start… Read more »

Barn Owl

From March this year, this is the Barn Owl i rescued from the Cam net near the Hide. It took 40 mins to cut it free and it later came in and thanked me with this amzing pose.

Redshank and Curlew

Made the most of the sunshine today and went to my haunt where i get my Wading birds in flight. It was a bit to bright but the sun was on my back. I took the 300mm f4 Pro lens and used my settings for Birds in Flight. You only get a few chances so… Read more »

Grey Heron

It was nice to see this young Heron flying into the small pond area so i used my birds in flight settings and got these few shots using my 300mm Lens.

Rons Wildlife Blog up and running.

Just a line to say Ruth is doing well with the Radiotherapy and i am walking everyday so i got time the other day to go to one of my Huants where i fnow the light is good and there are a few different bird species to photograph. The Coots are getting close so i… Read more »

Blog on Hold

Hi folks sorry to inform you after a year of Knee and Hip Replacements i have not been able to continue my Blog on the wildlife for you. Its a bad year but we are getting through and i am walking 6km a day 6 weeks after Hip Operation so its looking good for the… Read more »