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Westmoorlad Gazette

Great news i sent some pictures of the Tawny Owl that i photographed 2 weeks ago into the Westmoorland Gazette and on Saturdey 15th April 3 pictures were put on the Website with a small write up on who took the photographs and where they were taken. I am reall happy that the Editor found… Read more »

Tawny and Me

This afternoon i sat close to the Tawny Owl who has excepted me sitting close and taking in this wonderful wildlife experience. I have filmed The Barn Owl Short Eared Owl Little Owl, but this is a very special time for me as i can be so close to a wild bird and photograph it… Read more »

Tawny Owl 12th April

Another sighting of the Tawny Owl today. I thought it maybe poorly as it sat there while i took some more pictures. It seems very relaxed but today i got another sighting and this time she let me take e few pictures then flew off.

My Tawny Owl second meeting.

As i came back from a long walk to check all the nest boxes on the site i made my way back along a small narrow track that was covered with dry leaves. The Bluebells covered the edges of the wood land floor. The Sun made a brief appearance when i came face to face… Read more »

Red Fox 9th April

After the Hare experience i sat and waited for the Red Fox, after 40 mins i started to get cold so i decided to go. Wish i would have stayed put as the Fox was heading my way but she spotted me and ran back towards the Den.

The Brown Hare 9th April

B&W The Brown Hare Out this evening to get the Hare and the Fox, found a good spot and put the Sniper suit on. After 10 mins one came out and had a run round and headed for me and then stopped. One photo needed no cropping and was 100% in focus.

Great Spotted Woodpecker.

The Great Spotted Woodpecker is one of the best birds to photograph at the hide. It will check the area first by sitting high on a new tree i placed in the ground just at the front of the hide. It then looks for the Fat that have squeezed into a log with holes in,… Read more »

The Hide at its best.

The Hide at its Best. The UK has many great birds and the Hide today had many visitors to watch. The Male Brambling made 3 to 4 visits. Male Siskin, Male Reed Bunting, Redpoll, Greenfinch Woodpecker all showing well. Plus many more.

My Best Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl Photography. I am now in my 4th year with the Tawny Owl project. My first Box went up 3 years ago. Before buying the Van at Goodenbergh i had onlt seen one Tawny Owl in the daylight hours. Through lots of hours of dedication and patience i can now go and see the… Read more »

Fruit Trees and Hide Information

Me and Ruth went down to the Hide and planted 3 more Fruit Trees, that makes 6 in total 2 Apple 2 Plum 1 Pear and one i cant read the label of. Changed around the Logs and Stumps and put the feeders in different places so anyone who likes to photograph the birds gets… Read more »

Your not Supposed to see me Ron

walking back to the van tonight i decided to go past the tree where i spotted the Tawny Owl last night. And yet agin it was sitting in the same tree a little bit higher.

When Is A Blackbird not a Blackbird

Today i spotted this Blackbird with a white feather on the left hand side of its body.   When is a Blackbird not a Blackbird… | BTO – British Trust for Ornithology Across the country, householders have been seeing Blackbirds with strange white markings. The condition, typically referred to as ‘leucism’, is one of a… Read more »

First Reed Bunting 2017

Reed Bunting.  Amber Alert Status   Seen today in the Hide. Sparrow-sized but slim and with a long, deeply notched tail, the male has a black head, white collar and a drooping moustache. Females and winter males have a streaked head. In flight the tail looks black with broad, white edges.

Pied Wagtail

Green Status Alert   A delightful small, long-tailed and rather sprightly black and white bird. When not standing and frantically wagging its tail up and down it can be seen dashing about over lawns or car parks in search of food. It frequently calls when in its undulating flight and often gathers at dusk to… Read more »

Bird Count Update

The Bird Count.   I posted a couple of weeks ago that I had recorded 35 Bird Species, so this is just to update the sightings.   36. Chiffchaff 37. Woodcock/ On Site then hiding amongst the grass near hide.  38. Oystercatcher 39.Jay 40. Collard Dove 41.Dunnock / Also Known as Hedge Sparrow. 42. Wood… Read more »

Twny Owl

How much better will it get. Just when i thought it was quiet on the Owl front i come across a Tawny Owl tonight when i was out looking for the Fox and Deer. When i found her she was about 10 feet off the ground so i walked past twice really slow. When i… Read more »

Hand Carved Fungi

Carved Funny Mushrooms/ Fungi. Over the winter Colin cut many trees down and with all the timber just sitting and rotting I thought I would start a new line in Fungi. If you see any you like drop me a line or call at 30 BW.