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Feeeding the birds Nuts

  Peanuts. Please don’t fill feeders or place Full Peanuts out for the birds. Many Small birds have young and feeding them could kill the young as they cant swallow full nuts. Thanks. Ron

King Of the River

Very Lucky man to have the King Of the River going bacwards and forwards all morning feeding the young. Each young Kingfisher has to have 11 fish a day so both Male and Female help with the feeding. I can only guess what day they will fledge and hope i can be there around the… Read more »

Kingfisher on the River

Another fantastic sighting of the Common Kingfisher down on the river. i managed to get closer without causing any distress to the Bird.

Ingleborough Sunrise.

Out at 5 this morning to capture the Kingfisher and came across the Sun rising over Ingleborough.

Birds in Flight at the Hide

After a great morning i went to the Hide abd caught some good shots of a Woodpecker and Jackdaw flying in for food.

What a Great Day

As i promised when i started the Blog this season i said i would post pictures and my findings on the Goodenbergh site, not only from the site and Hide but in the local area. Yes i do have a life outside the site and hide. So when me and Ruth were out yesterday we… Read more »

Grey Squirrell found the Hide

The Grey Squirrell has found the Hide and the food source, i dont mind them but after destroying the feeders i bought and nesting in all but one of the 5 Tawny Owl it becomes clear that they do have an impact on the wildlife on the site. Mixed feelings.

Swallows at the Stables

The Swallows are here and busy making the their nest in the stable area’s. Its lovely to hear the sound of them calling as you walk past the stables.

Pheasant in full colour.

A big Pheasant came into the hide area last night and fluffed its feathers up, just take a look at the detail in the feathers it reminds me of painting everything in detail and perfect.

Nuthatch at the new Pond

I have redisigned the pond at the back of the pond. I have replaced the large rocks with grey slate. this will give the birds a place to drink. i put the seed down to see what reflection i would get, so when the Nuthatch came in for some seed it gave me a  good idea… Read more »

A Very Quiet on the Bird front

The site is very quiet at the moment with most birds are incubating the eggs ready for the arrival of the young birds. I went down to the Hide yasterday and got sight of the Male and Female Reed Bunting. They must be nesting in the reeds in the field next to the cattle shed…. Read more »

Pond Built and Ready

When i said there would be a pond at the end of today i meant it. 1 hour to dig with Ruth then Bill and David got the rocks down and we had it built for 3pm. Thanks to Colin for bringing 60 Gallon of water down. Got my first refection of the Pheasant tonight…. Read more »

Redstart Arrives at Hide

Great news the Redstart has arrived on site and was spotted today whilst i sat at the hide, the Female landed in the aoole tree followed by the Male. They were to far away but i got one at distance of the Male.

Helping the Swallow

As i went out tonight i past the stables and watched the Swallows flying into the stable area, i just though how can they build the nest without mud and straw so i filled up a couple of small hollows in the ground with water and when i returned later they had turned to mud… Read more »

Bluebells in full Bloom

A nice sight as you approach the hide, the Bluebells are amazing and with the light coming through the trees was ust amazing.

Back from the Isle of Mull

We are back from holiday on the isle of Mull. I have been down to check the hide and all is well. Weather is being very kind to the wildlife on site so we should have a good chance that all the young birds will have agood start in life when they fledge. The Blackbirds… Read more »

Friday Shock at the Hide

As i sat photographing the Woodpecker i sat back in amazement at aStoat that wascoming straight at the shed where i was sitting but somthing spooked it and it went off to the right. This is a first for me, first the Brown Hare then the Stoat. 

Amazing Wildlife at the Hide

I went down to the hide on Thursday night and sat there waiting for the Woodpecker and the Jay to come and feed. The Sun was just going down when over near the fence i saw 2 big ears sticking up in the air. A Brown Hare had ventoured into the hide. I though there… Read more »