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The Pond

Pond Bad News Considering we cleared the Pond of surface Algue, i was amazed to see the whole pond forming a film on top of the pond late yesterday. I honestly think that the Barley Straw method of managing the pond will be a waste of time and money.

Hedgehog Watch

Hedgehog Watch We sat out last night as the temperature was lovely, and we got onto the subject of the Hedgehog. 4 years ago when we came to the site was a great year for Hedgehogs. They could be seen through the day feeding at the van. 2015 was the same with 3 or 4… Read more »

A good morning Photography.

What a morning,went down to the hide for a change sat down when i heard the Blackbird going mad so it had to be a Owl. I just went into the field next left of the Hide and a Tawny Owl flew out low into Redstart Wood. The last 4 weeks has been really quiet,… Read more »

Blue Tits Busy

Great to watch the family of Blue tits behind our van in a box that i built 3 years ago. There really busy busy feeding from first light to dusk. Its only a matter time until they fledge.

The Pond

I am glad to say that after 2 hours hard graft me and Colin cleared the pond of Algue with a bit of supervision from Ruth. The next stage is to place small nets with Barley Straw in and move them around every few days. Hopefully this will work and we can have a nice… Read more »


PEANUT FEEDERS. The Blue Tits are feeding the young so please dont put Whole Peanuts out as this could kill the young. Plus with the hot weather and very good temperature there are many insects and caterpillers around for the birds to be feeding on and giving to their young.

Goodenbergh Pond

Goodenbergh Pond. I was asked last week by Graham if i would clear the pond of the Algae that has formed over the winter and the past few months. I cleared it with Ruth and Carol last year so that the Malard Young could take flight. When the Bellermy Trust came to visit the site… Read more »

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Went to try and capture young GSW being fed by Adults. First attempt failed with both parents seeing me. I dont like doing it but i reverted back to a timer controlled Gadget and went and hid in the undergrowth. Not my best pictures but good to see them feeding like this.

Hot Day for the Birds

Weather very hot and having an effect on the birds on site. The feeders are quiet with most birds feeding on insects and grubs. Had a walk round early morning and late eveing and managed to get a nice Willow Warbler, Redstart Phaesant Song Thrush and a young Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Bluebell Heaven

Just a lovely sight when the sun is going down over Goodenbergh, the Buttercups shining bright over the meadow.

The Hide

An hour this morning sat in the Hide a Female and Male Pheasant came in for a feed when a Jackdaw spotted the Nuts that the Female Pheasant was heading for, it came in full blast bu the Pheasant held firm. then i saw i nice Mieltle Thrush sitting in the field next to the… Read more »

The Red Fox Family

After a great week spent with the Kingfisher on the river Greta i decided to check out the Red Fox family down in the secret location. I set up my Trail camera which monitors any movement and records in full colour and sound. On Thursday afternoon i checked the footage and found some nice clips… Read more »

River Greta is a busy place.

An evening on the Greta. Just popped down to have a look around and the birds were very busy with many young feeding from the parents

Kingfisher Fledge.

The Day has come when the Little Kingfisher ventured out into the Big Wild World of adventure and a chance to explore the River Greta. The river has fallen a lot so lets keep our fingers crossed that they learn quick to find the little fish or grubs from the river bed. Weather permitted the… Read more »

Red Fox

The Red Fox About this time last year i got word that the Fox had had 6 cubs and was very active through the day. I have never seen a young cub so off i went to try and capture one. I was a few weeks late as they had grown bigger than i though…. Read more »

Heavy Rainfall Playing on my Mind

Feeling very depressed as the weather has been so good for the wildlife and the Tan but now i am starting get Cabin Feaver in the Van 2 days non stop rain. Kept thinking of the Kingfisher all yesterday and through the night. The water levels were fantastic for them to get the fish for… Read more »

Bird Food for the Hide

Can i just say a big thank you to all the site members who have helped with supplying