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Pond Built and Ready

When i said there would be a pond at the end of today i meant it. 1 hour to dig with Ruth then Bill and David got the rocks down and we had it built for 3pm. Thanks to Colin for bringing 60 Gallon of water down. Got my first refection of the Pheasant tonight…. Read more »

Redstart Arrives at Hide

Great news the Redstart has arrived on site and was spotted today whilst i sat at the hide, the Female landed in the aoole tree followed by the Male. They were to far away but i got one at distance of the Male.

Helping the Swallow

As i went out tonight i past the stables and watched the Swallows flying into the stable area, i just though how can they build the nest without mud and straw so i filled up a couple of small hollows in the ground with water and when i returned later they had turned to mud… Read more »

Bluebells in full Bloom

A nice sight as you approach the hide, the Bluebells are amazing and with the light coming through the trees was ust amazing.

Back from the Isle of Mull

We are back from holiday on the isle of Mull. I have been down to check the hide and all is well. Weather is being very kind to the wildlife on site so we should have a good chance that all the young birds will have agood start in life when they fledge. The Blackbirds… Read more »

Friday Shock at the Hide

As i sat photographing the Woodpecker i sat back in amazement at aStoat that wascoming straight at the shed where i was sitting but somthing spooked it and it went off to the right. This is a first for me, first the Brown Hare then the Stoat. 

Amazing Wildlife at the Hide

I went down to the hide on Thursday night and sat there waiting for the Woodpecker and the Jay to come and feed. The Sun was just going down when over near the fence i saw 2 big ears sticking up in the air. A Brown Hare had ventoured into the hide. I though there… Read more »

Wagtails on the river

While i waiting for the Kingfisher the Grey Wagtail and Pied Wagtail came very close to where i was sitting. The light was great and they both sat there for a while so i could get some nice shots of bothe Wagtail birds. They flit about so its very hard to get a shot in… Read more »


Early morning sat on the river Greta. The water was very low and the sun was shining all i needed was the Kingfisher to fly by. That never happened but this Oystercatcher landed and started to feed on the river bed.

Male Reed Bunting

Lovely evening at the hide when the male Reed Bunting came in for its last feed, i managed to get a few different poses.

Mistle Thrush with young.

Great news a few species of bird have young that have fledged the nest. The Blackbird is close in 3 nests, the Starling is close to but tonight a Mistle Thrush was feeding a young one close to reception. Great to see but if you see the young Mistle Thrush on the ground be aware… Read more »

Gypsy Caravan Carving

I got the idea from a garden centre, it was made of pot so i decided to try one in wood.

Away from Goodenbergh

Me and Ruth are off to the Isle of Mull so the Hide and my feeders at 30 Birch Wood will be empty, so i am asking for a bit of help keeping the feeders topped up while i am away from Tuesday to Friday 2nd to 5th May 2017. If you can help me… Read more »

Snowy morning on site

Woke up this morning with a light covering of snow on the ground. Just hope it was not cold enough to kill any bedding plants people have planted over the last couple of days when weather was nice and warm.


I was very lucky yesterday to find a pair of Lapwing near the site and after a stealthy advance i managed to get this photo of this lovely colourful bird.


Very busy little bird you likes the peanuts and sometimes stashes the nut in the bark on some of the old tree branches i placed around the hide.  The colours on the Nuthatch are great to photograph with great soft colours that the camera likes. 

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great to watch the Woodpecker flying from differant branches and using holes i drilled in the trees as a place to break up the food. There is a very quiet feel to the hide at the moment so it looks like most species are on Eggs and thats why it is really quiet. Still great… Read more »