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What a Lovely time with the Red Squirrel.

  Ruth made my lunch and I headed off on the scooter with my camera. Imagine riding for 40 mins with no car in front and no car behind, the sun shining. Park up with no one for miles. Walk for 15 mins, sit down in the middle of a huge Pine Foerst, and pour… Read more »

A Wet September

Another wet month and dull days are not the best for photography so here a few pictures that i took in September. A young Siskin, White Throated Dipper, Nuthatch, Wren, Long Tailed Tit, Common Buzzard, Goldfinch, Meadow Pipit, Tawny Owl in the nest Box, Wood Pigeon, and Chaffinch hiding in between the log stumps.  

Amazing Colour and Detail

Another bird that people overlook and call for being a pest, but when you see the feather detail and when you catch the bird in the right light, you then see why this is a great colourful British Bird.

Young Starlings

First visit of the Starlings to the Hide. The Colours and detail are overlooked and when you get close to them then you see the beauty of this bird.

Insects on the Site

With the birds all fledged and feeding on natural food i went on the hunt for some insects around the site. I just used my Zoom lens to get the images.

Pete the Peacock

Nice new addition to the site a male Peacock living happily at the stables.

The Jay

Nice to see a juvenile  Jay feeding at the hide.

Willow Warbler.

Great to see the Willow Warbler bust at the Hide. This is a great little bird with a lovely song. Captured here being chased away by another Juvenile.

The Redstart

After putting up the new nest boxes this year i was happy that one pair of Redstart nested and had 3 young which stayed around the hide for 5 weeks. 

My First Encounter

This is my first encounter with the Sparrow Hawk, this Female landed on the branch near to the pond at sat there for 10 mins. I know the Bird Of Prey isn’t every ones cup of tea but you have to admire its beauty.

Spotted Flycatcher.

This is our first sighting this year of the Spotted Flycatcher and bonny little bird that sat still in the Apple Tree for me.

Birds from the Site

Hi to all it has been a great season with many new species seen down at the hide. Here are a few that i have taken recently.Juvenile Siskin near our van. White Throated Dipper  and Goldfinch on Thistle bushes at the hide

Mallard Family Arrive

With a nice clear pond its nice to see the family of Mallards on the site pond. I will follow them through their growing up stage and report on the good and hopefully no bad things. Lets hope i can follow them until they fledge.

Blue Tits Leave the nest.

Blue Tits Fledge Well finally the Blue Tits have left the nest and are busy waiting for the adults to feed them.

The Goldcrest Family

As i was carving on saturday under the Birch trees and the Fur trees i heard the Goldcrest young again crying for food from the adults. On firther inspection of the the trees i came across 4 young Goldcrest sitting together on a branch. Its rare to get a good shot of a Goldcrest but… Read more »

First Ever Goldcrest Young.

Great news i was sitting Carving when i heard the High Pitch sound of young birds coming from the pine tree behind our van. On closer inspection i found 8 to 10 young Goldcrest flitting about the tree waiting to be fed by the parents .

What a Variety of Birds we have

Low light yesterday and while sat in the van I noticed many young birds all feeding well. Collard Dove, Redpoll, Robin, Greenfinch, Tree Sparrow, Woodpecker, Blackbird, Goldfinch, Siskin, Chaffinch Great Tit and a young Nuthatch all on our feeders. Very Lucky to have all this and more form my van window. But it has taken… Read more »

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel. Thanks for the advice on the Squirrel problem on site eating the Seed and destroying the feeders at the Hide. Yesterday Ruth mixed Chilli powder in with the Sunflower Hearts and placed some in our feeder at the back of the van. This morning we sat in bed having a cup of tea… Read more »